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Hello from Bologna, on 23th April 2024

Bologna won over Roma 1-3. Thiago chose Beukema, Lucumi in the middle of the defence, Calafiori as left winger, El Azzouzi to replace Ferguson, Ndoye and Saelemaekers to accompany Zirkzee. One of the best games of Bologna in this season, against one the main candidates to access the Champions in the nice Olimplico.. it ended with an historical result for us. Great performance of all the squad with special mention for El Azzouzi super goal, Calafiori and Froiler at one of their best game. Unlucky Castro with his beauty unvalidated and nice to watch to Posch as goalkeeper.

Ferguson out six months.
Hello from Bologna, on 13th April 2024

Bologna vs Monza finished 0-0. Thiago chose Beukema, Lucumi in the middle of the defence, Kristiansen as left-winger; attacking with Urbanski, Zirkzee and Orsolini. Intense game sometimes too physical. It is difficult not talking about an 'Orsolini show' missing only the goal. Good performance for Lucumi, Kristiansen and Froiler approciated forwarder too. Zirkzee and Ndoye a little exasperated by the Monza behavior. I believe the first unfinished game of the season for Ferguson that could be the goal maker at the fotofinish.

Thiago Motta best coach of March.
Hello from Bologna, on 7th April 2024

Frosinone vs Bologna finished 0-0. Thiago confirmed Calafiori, Lucumi in the middle of the defence, Kristiansen as left-winger; attacking with Saelemaekers, Zirkzee and Orsolini. Game much tactical with the Frosinone pressing BFC very high the first half resulted very nice to watch with a Bologna playing fast in middle of the field. Second time less attractive with most of the actions left to long launches for the forwarders. Best game for Lucumi and nice performance to Kristiansen and to the good feets of Saelemaekers and Orsolini. Last 10 minutes brillant for Castro who could maybe replace Zirkzee a little earlier. Lost occasion for Bologna in the habbit to win.

Hello from Bologna, on 4th April 2024

Bologna won over Salernitana for 3-0. Thiago confirmed Calafiori, Lucumi in the middle of the defence, Lycogiannis on the left in place of Kristiansen; attacking with Saelemaekers, Odgaard and Orsolini. Great result but this time I haven't seen the game, please check the highlights.

Hello from Bologna, on 18th March 2024

Bologna won over Empoli for 0-1. Thiago proposed Calafiori, Lucumi in the middle of the defence, Beukema on the right in place of Posch; Urbanski to complete the midfield; an attack with Saelemaekers, Odgaard and Ndoye. Space was limited and the game not so nice: a great result at home, indeed. Then, it is difficult to underline the good game of Calafiori and Lucumi without mention the usual work of Kristiansen and Beukema. I personally approciated also performance and tricks of Odgaard called to replace Zirkzee.

Hello from Bologna, on 9th March 2024

Bologna - Inter finished 0-1. Thiago proposed Lucumi in place of Calafiori, Aebischer beside Froiler and an attack made of Saelemaekers, Zirkzee and Odgaard. One more big challenge for Thiago with our squad that could finish almost with one point and merit. In the end the inertia of the tacticts, the inertia of well done midfield, the inertia of two of the best defences and goalkeepers, and the refferee did the result. Also true, two big defencive errors against Inter are clear opportunities for a team such that one. Said of the great midfield that obscured someone like Barella and Calhanoglu, confirmation for Kristiansen and Ferguson. This time Thiago maybe thrilled by the opponents fixed the ongoing game a little late with the changes.

Thiago Motta best team manager of February.
Hello from Bologna, on 3rd March 2024

Bologna won over Atalanta for 1-2. Thiago proposed Calafiori back in the middle of the defence and confirmed Fabbian and Ndoye. Thiago aggressive from the first min and the two teams very well set on the field. In the end a suffering Bologna was enough cinic to take advantage of the few goal opportunities happened. However, not the best game of BFC due to the many mistskes proposing us ahead. Also, Thiago was called to fix the situation on the right of the defence where Atalanta had always much space. Mention for Kristiansen (with two fantastic tricks at the beginning of the match and a perfect performance) and the usual Calafiori. High tension, great victory indeed.

Hello from Bologna, on 23th February 2024

Bologna won over Verona for 2-0. Thiago confirmed Lucumi in place of Calafiori and Fabian in line with Ferguson in the midfield. Difficult comparison between the quality of the two teams but Verona put it immediately on the physical and the treatment for our full attack was not simple to elaborate, expecially for the two wings. So the game didn't result an exceptional one. However, great job to work out the few good episodes and great our midfield with best players of the match Fabian and Ferguson, indeed. Nice to see the first goal of Froiler, one of the many dirty job men that this time cought with merit a true mention.

Hello from Bologna, on 18th February 2024

Bologna won over Lazio for 1-2. Thiago proposed Lucumi in place of Calafiori and El Azzouzi to replace Floiler out for suspension. Lets say immediately that Bologna winning against Lazio is an important historical event: Sarri drives always crazy its team and after two battles such as Fiorentina and this one against Lazio there is a great confirming sensation. The whole squad played well, and maybe distracted by the fact Thiago changed dress... (and some 2-3 errors of Lucumi, and a bad relaunch of Posch) it was just fine to ask them to push better on both the two wings (second half) to take at home the result. Funny to note that Lazio left winger after 60 min of Orsolini was already exausted before the entrance of Ndoye..

Hello from Bologna, on 14th February 2024

Bologna won over Fiorentina 2-0. Thiago left on the banch the enjured Calafiori replacing him with Lucumi and confirming Saelemaekers and Orsolini from the first minute. Against Fiorentina is always an intense battle but today they had a Dodo (out) and mainly a Bonaventura less.. less ready than other times. On our end, the squad played very well without special mentions: defence particularly ready, midfield rapid in the counterattack, etc, etc. Confirmations for the great moment of Orsolini and the bravery of Odgaard attacking the space in the box (and out). Zirkzee a little too nervous but he is studying to become a big one. Thiago apart the dress didn't miss a change..

Hello from Bologna, on 11th February 2024

Bologna won over Lecce for 4-0. Thiago presented himself with the full squad (apart Aebischer) and proposed Saelemaekers and Orsolini from the first minute. The games is in one only direction from the first minutes. Bologna is a able to score most of the clear goal opportunities and easy to say Orsolini best player of the match. However, the point of view of the fan is to clarify here: true, we like strikers that score with easy but let me say that most of all we like players who play for the team and give all for it, including respecting the decision of the team manager. It could be too easy to say about Orsolini without memories of his egocentric reaction toward the banch at the time of the first goal, or not mentioning Zirkzee because he didn't score althought he gave everything all around the field, in the difence too. Said this probably Orso is a little sacrified in the "duel" with Ndoye and sincerelly we hope to see Thiago opening to a nice Osolini on the right with Ndoye moved on left side where he started to play the beginning of the season. Sad and "hot" to see Thiago dressed like Pioli but with all the four beatiful goals we can also forget it, for now.


Hello from Bologna, on 3rd February 2024

Bologna vs Sassuolo finished 4-2. Thiago welcomed again Posch and chose Fabbian and Urbanski forward. Sassuolo presents itself very well causing sufferences that last for almost 50min. Lets come to the tragedy: this team is often a diesel and without the right propellment in attack (see Salesmaker and Orsolini entrance then) the squad doesn't roll the ball from the midfield and victim of itself shows easy mistakes. But luckly we have the magic and Thiago and his vice know its formula.. This time there is no great mentions about individuals except maybe the brave heart of Fabbian and Ferguson. The rest of the goods and the bads is about the full squad's believes, lets call it a "Zirkzee day". Indeed, always fantastic watching to the first score of Saelemaekers and finishing the game two goals ahead. Great victory indeed.

Bologna FC bought the striker Jens Odgaard.

Bologna FC bought the striker Santiago Castro.
Hello from Bologna, on 27th January 2024

Milan vs Bologna finished 2-2. Thiago chose De Silvestri to replace Posch and Urbanski and Fabian to complete the attack. The game was played well by both the teams and this means Bologna was able to deliver a same level football of a big one like Milan, with the end of the first half much nervous for the penalty given to Milan (costed the expulsion of Thiago too). Best performances for Skorupski and Zirkzee; a little nervous Lucumi entered along the way.

Bologna FC bought the defender Mihajlo Ilic.
Hello from Bologna, on 14th January 2023

Cagliari vs Bologna finished 2-1. Thiago without forwarders chose Van Hooijdonk and Urbanski to attack and he confirmed Lucumi and Calafiori in the middle of the difence. The full defensive block apart Lucumi appears immediately not ready, sometimes nervous but looking Posch, Calafiori and Kristiansen performances also out of condition. Orsolini, Urbanski, Freuler and Lucumi great game are not enough to save a Bologna that Thiago needs to restore.


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