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Next Juventus vs Bologna: Di Maria - who got a red card for a reaction against Izzo - will not play.
Note: where it is not clear..this site is about BFC, meaning Bologna FC and NOT Bengaluru FC.. with respect for both the two football teams 🙂.
What about Eraldo Pecci underneeth? Our "rosso e blu" Play. Probably nothing comparable to any Bologna player of today: game vision, physicality and a great heart for our football team, where he grew up.. If you are a stickers collector you can't certainly miss his sticker.. And the Bologna miss him? He probably could have an important role in this Bologna, anything more than the president of a fan club, I mean..
Indeed Serie A is becoming a football league for saints. Facts: after st. Roberto De Zerbi nominated himself italian missionaire to Premier League following his refusal to Bologna FC for moral reasons, Lazio st. Claudio Lotito gives away refunds for the Europa League game lost against Midtjylland for 5 - 1. Cudoz to everyone for the empathy mode but the football biz is something a little different - almost from our perception.

On schedule: the next Serie A break for Italy, the national team, and soon after the game against a starving Juventus, in Turin. All waiting for the third night game at the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara against Sampdoria to gain some home points left along the way.
No report on Musa Barrow leg conditions. This let us hope that nothing serious happened to him.
One stuff that I personally noticed - and not only yesterday, but along the past - is that Skorupski is among those Bologna players who - sometimes - lacks in communication with the other mates and this is a real pain to support, and not just like a fan but more like one normal people of this wide community making our world. However, it is difficult to attack Skorupski coming from a great year like he did with Bologna in the past season and just after a game, with Empoli, made by great saves.

Looking specifically to the episode of Empoli goal I found more surprising the Bologna defence settings on the right side of the field, starting from Lucumi. It is clear the Lumuci found Cambiaso on the Empoli man going to cross, it less clear for Lucumi what to do next.. and this is already surprising. But next we discover the wrong approach of Posch and Kasius, who are not late at all, but lack of that magic force to arrive first on the ball..

Possession 59% - 41%
Shots 16 - 11
Shots on Goal 4 - 5
Goals 0 - 1
Corners 5 - 8
Offsides 4 - 0

As in a more competitive league like this year Serie A meeting a great goalkeeper like Vicario is always possible, the forwarders should have one more push to do some great performances.

Considerations post match agaist Empoli

1) Medel demonstrates by its professionalism to be always in the game defender or middlefilder starting the action and suggesting good balls for the team mates appearing forwarder too.

2) Individual errors, appearing by lack of concentration, reoccure from the same team players, mainly young mates, who however continue to be supported by entering from the beginning of the match in place of more experienced players who own international experience and probably know better how to manage concentration.

3) Other players, although seniors in Bologna team, mantain a low average performance.

I personally think, and I give it as obvious, that almost to help the situation for the best this lack of performance (2nd and 3rd point above) all the players in question are in condition to recheck the errors in group and discuss them with who more appropriate. Second for a mere fact of professional honesty it is correct to see more often and hopefully after a bad performance these players starting from the banch (usually good teachings helps to find right roads).
Hello from Bologna, on 17th September 2022

An unlucky Bologna against Empoli. Finally Thiago Motta decides to change the tactical arrangement of the team proposing a 4-2-3-1: Aranutovic in front of all, behind him Orsolini, Soriano and Barrow. In the middle Schouten and Medel. Defenders: Cambiaso, Lucumi, Posch and De Silvestri. Skorupski defending the door of Bologna. Indeed expected news the new position of Medel moved to the middle of the field. Field in not perfect conditions after a morning of rain causes Musa Barrow first injury of the season. After some woods got by Bologna the game ends 0-1 for Empoli 😕.

Approaching Bologna vs Empoli game. Weather report: morning with heavy rain in Bologna. Clouds should leave at 3 o'clock only.
Presented to the Press Stefan Posch we can make a final balance of the Giovanni Sartori market job. Long time no see in the Bologna Fc recent history so many bucks for three football players (Hickey, Theate, Svamberg).. not bad at all! Beside looking forward to evaluate the new team playing surely one big question remains for Sartori: why not Josip Ilicic?
Thiago Motta surely brought to Bologna a positive touch made of youth and smile united to the professionalism in his role.

Looking everyone to Bologna vs Empoli hoping to see a beautiful 4-3-3 from Thiago Motta!

Well, curious about an other couple of stuff like Motta's choises about Medel and Schouten..
Hello from Bologna, on 15th September 2022

It is official, Stefan Posch is a new player of Bologna FC.


Hello from Bologna, on 13th September 2022

It is official, Thiago Motta is the new team manager of Bologna FC.



Arnautovic (Bologna) 6
Vlahovic (Juventus) 4
Beto (Udinese) 4
Koopmeiners (Atalanta) 4
Kvaratskhelia (Napoli) 4

Data from Lega Serie A

Radu (Cremonese) 33
Dragowski (Spezia) 21
Falcone (Lecce) 20
Audero (Sampdoria) 20
Skorupski (Bologna) 19

Data from Lega Serie A
Hello from Bologna, on 11th September 2022

Great emotions at the Stadium Dall'Ara, with the Bologna team arriving to the Appennino derby leaded by Vigiani from the Primavera team. In the end, Bologna vs Fiorentina finished 2-1, with a great goal of the usual Arnautovic and Barrow who scored after a long absence!


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